Pankaj’s works

Posted: July 10, 2010 in Uncategorized

Pankaj  J. Dutta


Hailing from jorhat town, Assam Pankaj J Dutta is a commercial photographer based in Mumbai.After his 12th he went to delhi university to pursue his graduation.Being in delhi helped him to go on with his hobby in photography under the guidence of few experienced students and well wishers.From that time onwards he is roaming in different parts of India practicing his art.after graduation he decided to take it as a full time profession and joined shari academy of professional photography in it’s two year master craftsman course.There he worked under renowned names of indian photography as Mr Girish Mishtry, Mr Rohinton D Irani and Fawzaan Hussain.During that period only he exhbited his pictures in photographer’s guild of indias annual exhibition prestigious Exhibit(A) 2007 and 2008,mumbai photofair 2008 etc.

Passing out of the academy he joined renowned indian advertising and industrial photographer Mr Pradip Gupta as an assistant and worked for clients like reliance,godrej,colourtex etc.As of now ,he is working on his own as a commercial photographer in the fields ranging from events, architecture advertising and fashion.Currently working on a movie ‘Amrit Kumbh” a bilingual made on the kumbha mela starring hollywood actors like Russel Crowe etc.

  1. Hemanta Kr Debnath says:

    As a northeastern we should proud for u all…GOOD LUCK.

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