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Longbir Ingti Kathar

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Longbir Ingti Kathar ( Illustrator ,Film Maker )

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Studied ‘Animation Film Design’ at the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, India. Currently working as a Freelancer. Line of expertise: Illustration, 2D/Model Animation, Computer Graphics, Innovative Crafts and more Contact: E-mail: Phone: 09833210496


Thongnokshing: recent short film….progress

Assorted Comics N’ Characterz

Slime King



Daniel Engty

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Daniel Engty ( Musician )

Started with Excruciator in 2000 as singer & almost played shows in all of Karbi Anglong & outside the district. Some of the shows played with Excruciator are:

Jorhat Engineering College (2001)

Guwahati Veterinary College (2002)

Played with Parikrama from Delhi in Guwahati (2004)

Guwahati Medical College (2005)

World Music Day (Guwahati, 2008) played alongside with Lama Tashi & Pt Vishwa Mohan Bhatt.

Delhi University (Delhi 2008)

Guest band with Third Sovereign (Diphu,2009)

Rechristened the bands name into Jambili (2007) to play fusion of rock & Karbi Folk Music. Some of the shows played with Jambili are:

Roots Music Festival (Diphu, 2007)

Autumn Fest & Guinness Record for highest Guitar  ensemble. (Shillong, 2007)

Jambili…. Name derived from “Jambili Athon” a symbol or a totem that represents the five major clans of karbi community. Likewise  to the band it is about being  representative to the people who are voiceless and deprived of their legitimate rights to self determine. The songs talk about contemporary  issues of the society that needs immediate justice and attention.

Music…. Jambili don’t confine itself to any particular genre of music .It is a progressive fussion of karbi folk music with all the other musical style till jazz & heavy metal… since the band sings of freedom it believes in practicing freedom in  its music too. It is very much a protest band.

Musician …


Doloi:folk instrument Muri & kum li_eng


Kaushik rums

Joined as lead Guitarist in Abiogenesis from Nagaland who has been listed in the 50th & 51st Grammy Awards Nomination List For ther albums Aeon Spell (Sa Re Ga Ma Music India) & Rustic Relish (CD Baby, USA)

Tour with Abiogenesis:

Science City (Kolkata)

Fusion 1 ( Indira Gandhi Rastriya Manavta Sangralaya, Bhopal)

The State Road Show of Nagaland (Mokokchung)

Albums:     Nihang Anat (2004)

Chikimo (2005)

Youth for Christ (2006)

Kaike (2009)

Spell Peace (2009) produced by Henry Martyn Institute, Hyderabad.

Pankaj’s works

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Pankaj  J. Dutta


Hailing from jorhat town, Assam Pankaj J Dutta is a commercial photographer based in Mumbai.After his 12th he went to delhi university to pursue his graduation.Being in delhi helped him to go on with his hobby in photography under the guidence of few experienced students and well wishers.From that time onwards he is roaming in different parts of India practicing his art.after graduation he decided to take it as a full time profession and joined shari academy of professional photography in it’s two year master craftsman course.There he worked under renowned names of indian photography as Mr Girish Mishtry, Mr Rohinton D Irani and Fawzaan Hussain.During that period only he exhbited his pictures in photographer’s guild of indias annual exhibition prestigious Exhibit(A) 2007 and 2008,mumbai photofair 2008 etc.

Passing out of the academy he joined renowned indian advertising and industrial photographer Mr Pradip Gupta as an assistant and worked for clients like reliance,godrej,colourtex etc.As of now ,he is working on his own as a commercial photographer in the fields ranging from events, architecture advertising and fashion.Currently working on a movie ‘Amrit Kumbh” a bilingual made on the kumbha mela starring hollywood actors like Russel Crowe etc.

Angshuman’s works

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Angshuman Barkakoty

Film maker / Photographer

Short Films he has  made:

  1. The Ultimate Idea/English/fiction/2004
  2. Beyond Infinity/English/Fiction/2004
  3. Storycut/Hindi/Fiction/2005
  4. Moi (i..) Assamese/Experimental/2006
  5. Reverse Angle/English/Fiction/2006
  6. Opekkhat (In The Waiting..)Assamese/Fiction/2007
  7. Lalbatti/Hindi/Non-Fiction/2007
  8. Q.Q.Roy/English/Fiction/2008
  9. Outside in/English/Fiction/2008
  10. Me,Walks…coffee/silent/Experimental/2009
  11. Playground/English/Fiction/2009
  12. Doctor,Nurse & The Patient/Hindi/Fiction/2010
  13. BYOFF/Signature film/2010
  14. Windows 4:3/Assamese/Non-Fiction/2010

**Out of the above films 4.Moi (i..)have been selected in Talent Campus India in Osian Cine Fan in New Delhi Under Bernilale in 2006.

**5.Reverse Angle got official selection in Twilight film festival in New Delhi in 2006, Jahangirabad student short film festival in Lucknow in 2006, Unplugged Online Film Festival in Pune in 2008

**6.Lalbatti has got official selection in SAIFF (South Asian International Film Festival) in the Documentary category in 2008 in New York, US. And official selection in Unplugged online film festival from Pune in 2008.

**12. Doctor, Nurse & The Patient has got official selection in 13TH TEL-AVIV INTERNATIONAL STUDENT FILM FESTIVAL, ISRAEL in the category of EXPERIMENTAL CINEMA

Shisir’s works

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Shisir Basumatary

( Artist/ Photographer)

A multifaceted personality, Shisir takes keen interest in paint-photography, travelling and writing. He recently went to Mechuka in Arunachal Pradesh from Guwahati on a Royal Enfield Bullet. Shisir completed his Masters in English from JNU, New Delhi before joining a publishing giant ‘Rough Guides’ as an editor. He is currently based in Delhi and is set to complete writing his first novel in English. It deals with a time in the immediate past in Assamese history.

About Paint-Photography

Paint photography is an innovative fusion of painting and photography and Shisir is believed to be the only practitioner of this art in the country today. In Paint-Photography a live person is painted along with the background before being shot in a photograph. After receiving an encouraging response to his works in the recently concluded exhibition in Guwahati he is planning to bring in themes and more elaborate props into his paintings.

Kausiki’s works

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Kausiki Sarma


Kausiki Sarma– Is currently working as a photographer and assistant director of a documentary film under Centre for Northeast studies and Policy Research. She has also assisted Ashok Kochar, a concept photographer based in New Delhi. Prior to this she was working as a researcher with a market research firm based in New Delhi, but has quit her corporate job to touch base with her roots and tell stories through her images….

A brief sketch on her.

  • Photo feature on the Ima market of Imphal, Manipur recently published in the July 09 issue of Eclectic, a magazine published from Guwahati.
  • Photographs on the Tai Phake village published in the February 09 issue of Outlook Lounge.
  • Photographs on the Stillwell Road published in the March 09 issue of Eclectic.
  • Involved in all aspects of Gypsyfeet, a boutique travel firm, focusing on marketing and customizing trips to tourists, with specialized interests in the Northeast region.
  • T-Shirt designer for “People Tree”. Also designed garments using fabric and handloom from northeast.
  • Worked as a visualiser for a short film titled “Butterflies on my grave”.
  • Art Work exhibited at the 2nd Kolkata Film Festival at NANDAN(West Bengal Film centre).(’06)
  • Sketches exhibited at the British Council at the “Beyond borders International Festival”(’06).

Dhritiman’s works

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Dhritiman Deori

(Musician / Photographer)

Dhritiman Deori has been working professionally in the realm of music, sound and photography for the last 6 years. He has extensive training and was working with media production house (Trangerine Digital Entertainment) in New Delhi as an audio engineer. The music that Dhriti composes is deeply rooted in the Indian culture’s vibrancy and kaleidoscope variety. Dhriti was recently featured in ‘Rudy Maxa’s World’, on their Delhi Episode. He is also skilled organizer and has a good feeling for bringing the best out of people.

Dhriti was born in the northeastern state of Assam in India and has been musically trained since the age of ten and exceptional at understanding the nuances of the various forms of folk and contemporary music. His fascination with sound and music took him to an Audio Engineering Degree from SAE (School of Audio Engineering) in Chennai. He then moved on to the holy city of Varanasi, the hub of Indian Classical music and spirituality, where he stayed for about a year learning, interacting and sharing ideas with local musicians as well as visiting musicians from various parts of the world. This learning period gave a new sense of direction and added creativity to his music. Dhriti has a deep love for the folk music of northeast India and finds his inspiration in nature. His upcoming music album in set to release by June 2008.His recent performances include ‘The Brahmaputra Beats’ at The India International Centre, Delhi and ‘The Northeast Festival’ at The Park, Delhi.

Dhritiman is also doing a unique and very first-of-its kind experimental musical project named “Rhythm of Northeast”, the idea behind the project is to create a database of all the folk instruments of the region of eastern Himalayas, comprising of the 8 northeastern states of India, with sound samples and also detailed explanation of the instruments along with photographs. This will be available to the general public in the form of a DVD along with a book and also a website dedicated to the folk music and instruments of the eastern Himalayan range.

Photography has been his passion since childhood and ultimately it turned into obsession. He has always had an interest in nature and occasionally indulges in photographing people and faces, landscapes and exploring new cultures.

  • Photography Exhibition at Hotel Park, New Delhi,2007
  • Photography Exhibition at Sir Shankar Lal Hall,New Delhi,2008.
  • Photography Exhibition held in Shankar Lal Hall, Nov.2008 to aid the victims of Assam serial bomb blast in October, 2008.
  • Photography Exhibition held at Assam Bhawan, New Delhi,Sept.2008.
  • Photography Exhibition held in KALASHETRA, Guwahati (Assam),Feb.2009.
  • Photography Exhibition held in KASA indoor stadium, Diphu,Karbi Anglong,Feb.2009.
  • Photography Exhibition held in Hotel Mt. Pine, Shillong (Meghalaya), Nov.2009.
  • Photography Exhibition held in NEDFi Bhawan, Guwahati (Assam), Jan.2010.
  • Photography Exhibition held in STATE ART GALLERY, Guwahati (Assam), May.2010.